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As we enjoy the beauty, wildlife and resources along the Platte River, we want to ensure they will be accessible for generations to come. For Riverside Canoes that means we take an active role in keeping the rivers and landscapes clean. We support our area youth through education and job opportunities. And we believe in becoming active members of our community through service, membership and participation. Here are a few of our commitments. Let us know if you’d like to become involved.

Leave No Trace

For over 30 years Riverside Canoes has helped teach local students about the ecosystem, wildlife and river system. Riverside partners with the NPS, Benzie Conservation District, DNR, and Benzie Public Schools on the Leave No Trace program. 7th grade students raise salmon in their classroom and release them on the Platte River. Riverside provides the equipment and instruction so all students learn how to paddle a canoe. Over a 4-5 day period each season over 100 students participate in this program.

Sponsor River Clean-ups

Riverside Canoes is focused on keeping our rivers and natural areas clean for everyone to use. Each year we participate and sponsor several clean-ups on and along the Lower Platte River.

Committed to Community