Dear Evan Hansen - Getting Tickets & Show Information

I had heard some really great things about Dear Evan Hansen Broadway. I had never seen a show on Broadway before, but I heard this was a great one to see. A few of my co-workers went to see it and they said they would highly recommend going to see it. I wanted to go, but wanted to find someone to go with me. 

My best friend came to my house a few days after I had heard about the Dear Evan Hansen Broadway show. I started telling her about it and asked her if she had ever been to a Broadway show before. She said she hadn't but she would love to go. I told her to look up that particular show and told her how much my co-workers liked it. She said she would look into it and if she thought it sounded good, she would let me know so we could get the tickets to go. 

Later that evening, my friend sent me a text to let me know she looked at the musical and the ticket prices. She said she really wanted to go to it after learning more about it and would be able to go to any showing of it. I asked her which one would work the best for her and she said it really did matter. 

I went online and found the tickets for sale. I went ahead and purchased mine and hers so we would have the tickets. After I bought them, I let her know that I had them and when I bought the tickets for. 

We went to the Dear Evan Hansen musical and it was really great! I know why my co-workers like it so much and recommended it to me.