Honda EU Generator Review

By now you may have probably noticed I've a EU2200i along with also a EU2000i Companion generator. This season Honda quit creating the EU2000 series replacing it with all the EU2200i series. Why did I purchase one of each? Cost. The EU2200i was available but not the EU2200i Companion.

Inverter Generators

Like the majority of the "silent" portable generators available on the current market, the Honda EU series are "inverter" generators. Unlike traditional generators which operate at just 1 rate and create inferior quality alternating current (AC is exactly the exact same present you have on your home ). Inverter generators create AC voltage, then convert it into DC voltage, and then an inverter in the generator converts it into pure sine wave AC voltage -- exactly the exact same top excellent power that's delivered to your home helping you to use sensitive electronic equipment such as computers. Additionally, these inverter generators can modify the rate based on electric loads, which enhances gas consumption and reduces sound levels.

That is just another reason why I picked a Honda, since the microprocessors they utilize are topnotch and not as likely to fail such as the "off-brands." Let us face it most of the portable inverter generators are pretty much duplicates of exactly what Honda has done.


EU2200i Inverter Generator

Very much like the first EU2000i, the EU2200i is a brand new version replacing the EU2000i that's been in production for 19 decades. Functionally for the user, the EU2200i is almost equal to this EU2000i. Unless you happen to be a tech-geek that there is not much external gap, except the gas shut-off change.

The EU2000i Engine Change has two places: Off and On. The switch is switched into the "On" position, the recoil rope is pulled along with the generator begins. To turn the generator off, simply turn the switch to "Off"

The EU2200i Engine Change has three positions: On, Gas Away, and Away. The switch is switched into the "On" position, the recoil rope is pulled along with the generator begins. To turn the generator off, one just turns the switch to "Off" The "Gas Away Switch" enables the generator to keep on running until the majority of the fuel in the carburetor is absorbed. Honda likely added this attribute to compete with Yamaha's portable generators which have this attribute. The only time you would wish to operate the generator from gasoline is when the device has been prepared for storage but -- you need to drain the carburetor by opening the carburetor drain screw, then drain the gas pump and gas tank. Hence that the Gas Off switch is largely a marketing feature.